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8 Band Portable Backpack UVA Jammer

8 Band Portable Backpack UVA Jammer

8 band backpack uav jammer anti drone control defense system

Product Feature
1.High integration & Stable operation, Noise technology
2. Highly effective power &long jamming distance up to 1.5KM.
3. Separate control of each module, convenient operation.
4. High quality tubular radiator,effective in radiating heat.
5. Import components,VSWR protection,Overheat protection
6. No interference to nearby frequency bands
7.VSWR-disconnect/short antenna protection
Channel Working Frequency Output Power
CH1 433MHz 430-450MHz 45dBm
CH2 900MHz 860-930MHz 46dBm
CH3 1.2GHz 1170-1280MHz 46dBm
CH4 2.4GHz 2380-2500MHz 46dBm
CH5 1.5GHz 1560-1620MHz 46dBm
CH6 2.4GHz 2380-2500MHz 46dBm
CH7 5.2GHz 5150-5250MHz 45dBm
CH8 5.8GHz 5720-5860MHz 45dBm
Power Supply DC24V 8AH,Battery Replacable
Battery Working Time 30-40 minutes
Working Temperature From -20°C to 70°C
Total Output Power 280Watts
Weight 22Kg
Size 580*400*260 mm
Directional Antenna 10-13dBi