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HongKong Baselink Group Corporation Limited


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HongKong Baselink Group Corporation Limited
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Baselink was founded in 2008, located in LongGang district, Shenzhen,China . We are one of the earlier companies to develop anti UAV strike system and the leader of RFML (Radio Frequency Machine Learning) and CRPC

(Cognitive Radio Protocol Cracking) technology in China.


Our UAV detection, disposal and command platform can conduct  commanding and coordinating radio and  detection systems to detect intrusion early warning targets from the long  distance; Enable automatic recognition, adopt image, audio and other multi-directional recognition technologies to distinguish UAV aircraft, and cooperate with the tracking system to lock the target; Finally, the UAV will be driven away or forced to land through the electromagnetic interference countermeasure system.


Our UAV detection and interference integration equipment is a combination of radio detection and interference countermeasures in the field of UAV prevention and control. The device can detect the surrounding UAV radio signal, and  automatically/manually turn on the radio interference signal, form an electromagnetic signal shield in a specific area, block the UAV GPS navigation, remote control, image transmission signal reception, drive away the UAV or make the UAV forced to land.


Our drone jammer system widely used during  Russia-Ukriane war and gas reservoirs, chemical parks, prisons, government offices and other important places, and can also be used for large-scale event support to prevent drone intrusion.We are committed to building an international company with the global integration of market and brand, contributing to the global communications industry . We warmly welcome you to visit us .